Lobbying Leadership™

The effective balancing of interests has become a constitutive feature of our modern democracy. At the same time, however, we also expect political decision-makers to work consistently on behalf of the “common good”. Set against the backdrop of this delicate balancing act, the professionalization of lobbying – and thus the value orientation of public affairs and interest advocacy – becomes a permanent challenge.

In order to meet this challenge, Miller & Meier Consulting has developed the concept of Lobbying Leadership™, a form of strategic political consulting that enables our clients to successfully shape modern policy-making over the long term, whether as global players, medium-sized businesses, trade associations or governmental organizations.

The services provided by Miller & Meier Consulting are firmly anchored in the independence of our owner-operated firm. Our work is based on years of experience and a well-known talent for generating solutions to problems. Our clients also benefit from our interdisciplinary perspectives, our creativity and passion for the cause.