Service Area Empower

The consulting process associated with Lobbying Leadership provides our clients with the skills they need to successfully represent their interests in the political sphere over the long term. Miller & Meier Consulting translates economic interests into the language of politics, thus empowering our clients to open up new synergies and positioning opportunities through our competence in lateral thinking and problem-solving.
Political Coaching
Miller & Meier Consulting works with its clients to develop the tools they need to successfully introduce and implement their interests in the political sphere over the long term. In this context, we encourage our clients to see lobbying as a form of managerial responsibility. This approach allows them to strengthen their credibility as a contact partner for political decision-makers with the ultimate goal of expanding and optimizing our clients’ margins for maneuvering. Miller & Meier Consulting uses workshops and one-on-one meetings to sharpen our clients’ understanding of the logic behind political forces and to generate insights into various models of political thought. We want our clients to be able to break down and understand complex political processes so that they can become increasingly adept at identifying new options for action. We strengthen our clients’ capacity to engage in dialogue and their ability to respond effectively to each new situation. We help to formulate interests in such a way as to make them understandable for political actors. We also advise our clients as to the various lobbying tools at their disposal and how to combine them in an optimal manner.
Political Management Consulting
Any stakeholders seeking to introduce their interests into the political sphere in a sustainable long-term manner must have a fundamental grasp of lobbying as a key management task. Organizations must be able to react quickly, effectively and decisively to legislative changes, political initiatives and other events. Miller & Meier Consulting supports its clients in the internal change processes required for a successful positioning in the political arena. We bring our clients into a position that allows them to exchange their essential arguments with the most important players at the right moments. This is the most effective way of coming to mutually beneficial solutions. Among the key requirements for a successful lobbying effort are an approach that has been agreed upon within the organization, a precise argumentation towards relevant stakeholders, and a coordinated, credible and responsible implementation of the planned activities and their ongoing review.
Strategy Workshops
In the everyday operations of a company’s public affairs and/or governmental affairs unit, time restraints often make it impossible to devote the effort necessary to fully comprehending the effects of changed political conditions and power relations and to brainstorm on alternative options for actions. By elucidating various political strategies, Miller & Meier Consulting makes it possible for our clients to understand more clearly their position with respect to relevant stakeholders – and thus to recognize new possible courses of action. The earlier a company or organization understands that the ability to tackle challenges in the political sphere is a key management task, the easier it is for them to quickly and more successfully implement in-house business strategies and gain momentum for new business ideas. In our workshops, we focus on intensive cooperation, targeted creative thinking and the courage to experiment and break down structures – if necessary also using impulses from external experts.