Service Area Influence

The third key aspect of Lobbying Leadership aims at the practical implementation of the lobbying measures agreed upon with the client in the context of the strategy development. Miller & Meier Consulting creates a customized approach based on an entire spectrum of possibilities, including direct contact, thus so-called “traditional lobbying”, and indirect contact and lobbying via network multipliers and strategic alliances. The indirect approach continues to gain in importance because it allows specific concerns to become the interests of a larger group of stakeholders, thus in turn increasing the credibility of the client’s concerns and his influence within the political sphere.
Political Talks
Our clients’ dialogue with political decision-makers is based on an in-depth analysis and treatment of their positions and concerns. In its preparations, Miller & Meier Consulting finds the appropriate thematic starting points for the concerns of our clients and translates these into the language of politics. We identify appropriate addressees, establish contacts, organize dates and lead necessary preliminary discussions with decision-makers and potential partners. These discussions take place within the framework of a variety of event formats.
Alliance Building
We support our clients in the building, coordination and management of alliances. This approach allows them to expand the reach of their issues and gain a high level of credibility. Miller & Meier Consulting has wide-ranging experience with ad-hoc associations that focus on a few issues and projects as well as with strategic alliances that are structured on much longer-term perspectives. We locate suitable partners, support networking, strengthen contacts, handle strategic positioning in the political sphere and help in steering the alliance.
Stakeholder Dialogue
The balancing of our clients’ interests with those of other stakeholders in the fields of politics, business and civil society is decisive for their successful positioning in the political sphere. Indeed, only in a fruitful exchange with critical players is it possible to build trust and refine one’s own arguments. We support our clients in identifying relevant stakeholders, analyzing their interests, formulating the right messages and building resilient relationships. Miller & Meier Consulting boasts many years of experience in the setting up of networks and the implementation of stakeholder dialogues. In doing so, we use all relevant campaign management instruments, such as online communication and dialogue events.