Service Area Condense

Today more than ever, political decision-making represents a complex process in which the interests of numerous competing players must be weighed against each other. In order to be able to shape and influence policy in this competitive environment, Miller & Meier Consulting helps its clients to reach their goals by providing detailed, condensed analyses of existing conditions, intelligent monitoring of political processes as well as the targeted management of issues and messages.
Each strategy development process begins with the identification of relevant decision-making bodies and a detailed analysis of the political, legal and societal environment – usually in the form of an “arena analysis.” This analysis illustrates the complex power relations among all relevant actors in the political field, thus forming the basis for an individual positioning strategy. On behalf of its clients, Miller & Meier Consulting identifies existing challenges in the political and legal arena and analyzes the positioning of relevant stakeholders, including policy-makers and competitors.
In order to exert long-term influence on decisions made in the political sphere, it is essential that all relevant political, legislative and societal developments are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. It is also important to have up-to-date analyses of the changing interests of various players. With this information and insight in hand, our clients can react and respond quickly and successfully to changing conditions. Miller & Meier Consulting condenses the results of this evaluation and monitoring to regular reports and background papers. If requested, these reports also contain additional recommendations with respect to current developments. Our intelligence services also include the creation of an early-warning system with respect to the development of decision-making processes and legislation. These services form the key basis of effective crisis management and communication.
Issue Management
Miller & Meier Consulting advises its clients in planning and managing their communication in the political sphere. We develop strategies, instruments and messages that allow our clients to move their key issues closer to the center of public interest or to keep them there. We also draw the attention of relevant stakeholders to the positions held by our clients. We expand an issue’s visibility gradually via different activities and publications: this process also allows for taking up an already established or current theme. We make use of the most important traditional and online media in all phases of our communication strategies.