Success through teamwork

Miller & Meier Consulting was founded in 1997 and is one of the largest owner-operated political consultancies in Germany. In addition to our main office in Berlin, we are also represented in Brussels and Washington, D.C., where we advise companies from all over the world on strategic matters relating to lobbying and governmental affairs.

Lobbying Leadership™: Our standard of excellence

Lobbying Leadership™ is the concept behind our corporate philosophy, our approach to consulting and the standards to which we hold our employees. Lobbying Leadership™ as a standard for our team is a demand we place on ourselves and a tool we use to ensure the continual enhancement of our work in the spirit of lifelong learning.

We see ourselves as a long-term partner and supporter not only of our clients but also for our entire team. For that reason, our teamwork is shaped by a culture of continuous feedback, open communication and ever new challenges.

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