Our Expertise

Experienced partners for strategy development

The brokering of different interests is essential to our democracy. At the same time, political actors are expected to operate in a manner that serves the common good. In this often delicate environment, the persistent challenge facing the lobbying process is to professionalize its approach and thus also constantly fine-tune its value focus. This is precisely where our expertise delivers impact.

The essential approach of Lobbying Leadership™

Lobbying Leadership™ is the concept behind our corporate philosophy, our approach to consulting and the standards to which we hold our employees. The core of Lobbying Leadership™ as an approach to consulting centers on the development of individual positioning strategies together with clients. These strategies aid our clients in safely navigating their way through complex political negotiation processes.

We base the precise nature of our consulting services directly on our clients’ positioning strategy, which we develop and implement in direct cooperation with them. Each strategy is subject to ongoing evaluation, which allows us to flexibly adjust our services for greater impact. As we continue to develop solutions tailored to our clients’ unique environments, we become a reliable partner not only for our clients but also for political decision makers.

Credible lobbying requires that companies be able to justify and effectively represent their interests when dealing with decision makers and the general public in the service of the common good. This is the only way to build sustainable trust and confidence in the political sphere, which is crucial to ensuring effective participation in the political decision-making process.

Empower, condense, influence: Three keys to representing your interests with integrity

Three complementary aspects characterize Lobbying Leadership™ as an approach to consulting.



In every step of the consulting process, we empower our clients by helping them successfully represent their interests in the political sphere. As we translate economic interests into the language of politics, we help our clients develop an understanding of the scope and standards involved in effective lobbying.


Next, we condense the complex process of political decision making for our clients. We lay the foundation for successful lobbying by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the issues and situation, intelligently monitoring political processes and pro-actively managing and navigating issues and messages.


The final step is to influence decision makers by implementing the agreed-upon lobbying measures. This phase is always firmly grounded in the strategy developed together with the client and combines direct lobbying with indirect lobbying via multipliers and strategic alliances.