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We advise our clients on how to successfully represent their interests in the political arena in order to help shape policy and avert regulatory risks.

our consulting approach

Our consulting approach is centered around the principle of Lobbying Leadership™, which involves developing customized positioning strategies in collaboration with our clients to effectively navigate national and international political processes. Through this approach, we prioritize the interests of our clients while also taking into account the needs and concerns of policy makers and the wider public.

To ensure the success of our clients, we continuously evaluate and refine our strategies to reflect changing political landscapes and evolving priorities. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, enabling us to serve as a trusted partner to both our clients and decision-makers alike. Whether it is crafting messaging, building coalitions, or executing effective advocacy campaigns, our team is dedicated to delivering results that advance our clients’ core objectives.

Effective political consulting depends on the ability of companies to substantiate and advocate for their political stances with regard to the common good, both to those making critical decisions and to an increasingly critical public. This represents the most reliable pathway to cultivating trust with policymakers, which is essential for meaningful engagement in the political process. In order to promote the interests of our clients, we ensure that their political positions are grounded in well-informed, thoughtful analysis and articulated with transparency and sincerity.


Service Portfolio

As part of the Lobbying Leadership™ consulting approach, we offer our clients an integrated service portfolio that we flexibly tailor to their specific concerns and circumstances.

  • Monitoring & Intelligence

    We consolidate and analyze all decision-relevant information from legislative and administrative decision-making processes and social debates for you. With our monitoring reports and background papers, you are always in a position to make decisions. We act as a navigator of the political system for you and offer arena analyses and policy audits that compactly map the complex balance of power of all relevant actors in an issue area and thus provide guidance for action. Our expertise in assessing political risks for our clients’ objectives is incorporated into the preparation of corresponding political due diligence reports.

  • Strategy Consulting

    Forward-looking strategy formation is the key to helping shape policy rather than reacting defensively. This is especially true in geopolitically uncertain times, when social and regulatory conditions are changing rapidly. In strategy workshops, we support you in defining your goals and jointly develop all steps to implement your planning project effectively and with the appropriate timing. We continuously evaluate our approach in order to be able to adjust the measures immediately if necessary. For strategic planning and implementation, we draw on scenario analyses and field-proven risk management analyses. With our Global Governmental Relations (GGR) approach and thanks to a worldwide partner network, we have the challenges and opportunities of a globally networked field of action in view.

  • Political Lobbying

    When representing your interests vis-à-vis decision-makers from the legislative and executive branches, societal stakeholders and the professional public, we support you in all matters of project and communications management: from identifying suitable addressees for political talks, as well as scheduling and accompanying talks, to organizing event formats and parliamentary discussion rounds, to stakeholder dialogs and campaigns. We are always guided by the professional principles of integrity, transparency and confidentiality.

  • Alliance Building and Alliance Management

    Professionally organized alliances with strong communication skills not only increase the reach and credibility of your cause. They also create a synergy of networks, organizational resources, and campaign skills – and thus contribute significantly to political success. Whether an ad hoc alliance or a long-term partnership: We identify the right partners, assist in establishing contacts, and help build, manage, and position the alliance.

  • Political Coaching

    In training sessions and one-on-one meetings, we sharpen your understanding of complex regulatory processes and convey the logic of political communication and organization. Our services range from policy briefings and argumentation aids as well as the preparation and follow-up of political talks through to CEO positioning. In this way, we put you in a position to present your case credibly and convincingly to decision-makers and success-critical stakeholders.

  • Organizational Consulting

    We support you in all internal change processes required for successful positioning in the political arena. By evaluating and optimizing institutional structures and workflows, we ensure the efficient coordination of all business units involved. In moderated workshops, we enable you to establish advocacy as a core task in your company.



We support global tech companies and startups in all areas of digital policy. With our expertise in policy areas such as cybersecurity, privacy, competition and innovation, we actively shape policy on behalf of our clients. We provide orientation in complex political processes such as the digitization of public administration or the digital transformation of the German economy.


We advise our clients on the entire spectrum of energy policy, including green transformation and energy transition as well as legislation in the areas of energy services and energy efficiency. We are familiar with the complex energy policy processes and supported both global companies and medium-sized enterprises in their political positioning.


We advise national and international companies on all issues in the highly competitive field of mobility policy, such as the use of disruptive technologies as well as alternative forms of propulsion and the approval of sharing services. Our clients include established companies from the automotive industry as well as providers of new forms of mobility.


We advise international companies on all political aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions in the German market and accompany them through the entire transaction process. We are familiar with all specifics of investment audits by the German Federal Ministry of Economics as well as competition law investigations by the German Federal Cartel Office and guide our clients safely through the process.


Thanks to our expertise, we often work on cross-cutting topics that are shaped by intersecting policy challenges such as digitization or demographic change. This enables us to identify and help shape future opportunities and challenges in diverse cross-cutting areas.


We advise companies along the entire global supply chain and are just as familiar with the specifics of online retail as we are with the requirements of bricks-and-mortar retail. From supply chain law to environmental regulations and labor law to food labeling, we know all the regulatory challenges.


Our expertise in regulating the chemical industry extends along the entire value chain: from regulatory affairs to sustainability and environmental issues to packaging and recycling. We advise companies in both the manufacturing and processing chemical industries.


We advise banks, payment service providers and FinTechs on the topic of financial policy. From the regulation of digital payment flows to money laundering and crypto legislation to derivatives trading, we are familiar with every challenge.


MDR, DRG or HTA: In healthcare policy, we cover a broad regulatory spectrum, from framework conditions for the healthcare industry to medical care in specialized areas. We advise companies in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology as well as associations and NGOs. In doing so, we draw on external partners from the fields of health economics, law firms and medical care.

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