… seeks to find solutions to current and future challenges in society while demonstrating a firm commitment to benefiting the common good. Digitization, demographic change and the internationalization of economic and political decision-making processes are only some of the areas framed by policy-making. We support companies, associations and other stakeholders in making and implementing key decisions that are often essential to their economic and overall success.


… is a key element of democratic decision-making. When helping various actors translate their own interests into the language of politics, professional lobbying requires an in-depth understanding of political processes and institutions. Successful lobbying identifies points of entry into the political agenda, generates solutions and creates opportunities to affect change, thus allowing clients to become actively involved in shaping policy. It is precisely these challenges that we tackle together with our clients.

Lobbying Leadership™

… is our answer to the demands placed on professional lobbying. We support our clients with creativity and passion, whether they are global players, medium-sized companies or national associations. Lobbying Leadership™ is the concept behind our corporate philosophy, our approach to consulting and the standards to which we hold our employees.

Customized and flexible Solutions

We offer our clients an integrated service portfolio tailored to their particular concerns and circumstances.
Basis of our work is the political positioning strategy we develop with our clients. We continuously fine-tune this strategy to deliver the most appropriate services in a flexible and fluid manner.