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Miller & Meier Consulting advises companies, associations, NGOs and international organizations on positioning themselves in the political arena.

Empower. Condense. Influence.

Miller & Meier Consulting

As specialists for strategy and lobbying, we offer the entire service portfolio of strategic political consulting and public affairs, including the development and implementation of positioning strategies and campaigns together with our clients.

Empower, Condense, Influence
For credible interest representation

  • Empower

    In coaching sessions and workshops, we enable our clients to successfully assert their interests in the political arena. By translating their concerns into the language of politics, we create the foundation of successful advocacy.

  • Condense

    We condense the complex process of political decision-making for our customers. With our detailed analyses of regulatory frameworks and tailored monitoring of political developments and debates, our clients are always up to date.

  • Influence

    Together with you, we develop a strategy for concrete lobbying and campaign measures that are convincing in political discourse. In doing so, we use multipliers and strategic alliances for the targeted steering of issues and messages tailored to the target audience. This is how we enable our clients to successfully shape policy.

As part of our Lobbying Leadership™ consulting approach, we offer our clients an integrated service portfolio that we flexibly tailor to their specific concerns and circumstances.

Our Service Portfolio

Latest Updates

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    Das deutsche personalisierte Verhältniswahlrecht ist kompliziert. Aber das muss es sein. Ein Ausgleich zwischen dem Anspruch, die regionale Vertretung des Bürgers zu ermöglichen und gleichzeitig die Wählerstimmen präzise in Mandate des Bundestages umzurechnen, ist immer mit Kompromissen verbunden.

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Our Expertise

Due to over 25 years of experience in public affairs, we have expertise in a wide range of policy fields. These include digital, energy, finance, mobility, chemicals, healthcare, Mergers & Acquisitions and FMCG. Our consulting services take into account intra- and supranational linkages and developments beyond the domestic challenges of policy making.


About Miller & Meier Consulting

Miller & Meier Consulting is one of the leading consultancies for strategy and lobbying in Germany. We see ourselves not only as a leading public affairs consultancy, but also as a driving force in the public discourse on policy-making and democracy. We are proud of our diverse and non-partisan team and live the values of cosmopolitanism and interculturalism in a collegial atmosphere. This diversity is our strength as a consulting firm and as an employer.

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