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Miller & Meier Consulting is one of the leading consultancies for strategy and lobbying in Germany and Europe. Our work incorporates years of experience, interdisciplinary diversity of perspectives, creativity and our passion for politics in order to develop and implement strategies together with our clients.

owner managed and independent

Miller & Meier Consulting was founded in 1997 by Constanze Miller and Dominik Meier and is today one of the leading consultancies for strategy and lobbying in Europe.

Our approximately 60 employees in Berlin, Brussels and Washington advise multinational companies as well as disruptive start-ups, international organizations and NGOs.

Miller & Meier Consulting is committed to the de’ge’pol code of conduct and respects the values of ideological and partisan neutrality. We are proud to make a significant contribution to the common good through pro bono consulting projects.

Based on our GGR approach and supported by our worldwide cooperative relationships with partner consultancies, we offer our clients a cross-border service portfolio. Thus, we navigate them through the national and international geopolitical challenges of today.

Our founder Dominik Meier is a founding member and chairman of de’ge’pol – German Society for Policy Advice. He has been shaping the debate on policy making and advocacy for more than 20 years with publications in the trade press and national media.

Since 2022, he has been editor of the online magazine for strategic policymaking and analysis Freiheit|Macht|Politik.

Our Expertise

As a team, we develop tailor-made solutions for our customers from various industries with cross-policy challenges.


Our Team

Our work incorporates years of experience, interdisciplinary diversity of perspectives, creativity and our passion for politics.

Our Corporate Values

  • Trust

    We trust each other, rely on transparency and on an open internal discussion culture. We are open and honest with each other. We show understanding and can admit mistakes.

  • Respect

    We value our colleagues as individuals, their achievements and the constructive exchange with each other. We treat each other fairly and with respect. We listen, respect other opinions as equal and conduct factual disputes at eye level.

  • Responsibility

    We accompany our customers critically constructively and offer orientation. We are fully responsible for our own work, decisions and results and strive for the best outcome. We also take responsibility for ourselves, our development and our well-being.

  • Expertise

    Our focus on substance is our USP in the industry. We stand for substantive and methodological expertise and experience, which we are continuously expanding.

  • Reliability

    We expect high quality work. We work thoroughly, accurately and carefully. We respond quickly and flexibly to requests and challenges. We are detail oriented and consistent in our performance.

  • Teamwork

    We are a team. We support one another and know that we can rely on each other. We share information and seek exchange.

Career at MMC

Our team consists of different personalities. We are driven by a passion for political issues and the courage to break new ground and make a difference. In a dynamic working day with a collegial working atmosphere, we are challenged anew every day and can continuously develop ourselves further.

Transparency and Ethics

  • Professional ethics

    We are pioneers in matters of transparency and ethics. Towards our clients, we commit ourselves to strict confidentiality and the protection of their interests. As initiators and co-founders of the German Society for Policy Advice (de'ge'pol), we have established reliable quality standards and a professional code of conduct in the professional field of political consulting and are actively developing these further. We were the first company in the industry to introduce the code of conduct as binding for the entire team.

  • Diversity

    Our company stands for diversity and participation. We believe in the power of diversity to foster innovation and creativity. Therefore, we continuously work to create a work environment that shows respect and appreciation for every team member, regardless of gender, origin, religion, age, physical ability or sexual orientation. Miller & Meier Consulting follows the principle of strict ideological neutrality and does not engage in partisan politics.

  • Compliance

    As a renowned consulting firm, we have a first-class compliance system that is constantly being improved in close cooperation with lawyers and experts. As a result, we are able to meet the diverse compliance requirements of our clients with precision. We avoid conflicts of interest and ensure maximum confidentiality of mandate content and business information. Our team is regularly trained and educated in all aspects of compliance.

MMC Partners Worldwide

We enable our clients to take a global governmental relations approach that takes cultural and political differences into account. This is why it is particularly important for us to cooperate with owner-managed consultancies in EU countries as well as in the USA and Asia in order to support our clients effectively and efficiently in their globalized and fast-moving environment.

World Map
  • Telos A&S Italy

    Telos A&S is an independent professional firm dealing with public affairs and strategic advice.
    The firm is specialised in helping clients understand and engage effectively with the external environment in which they operate. Telos monitors with method and competence all regulatory, legislative activities and politics at EU, national and local level. T Telos A&S detects the relevant decision-making process and helps clients play an active role in it.

  • Richardson Coutts Australia, New Zealand

    They provide strategic advice as well as direct lobbying services on behalf of their clients. They have extensive experience in formulating and implementing campaigns for their clients including government engagement programs, product familiarization and promotion, Government policy changes and major bid assistance and advice.
    Their mission is ensuring you understand Government and Government understands you.

  • Aretera Public Affairs Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Montenegro, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

    Aretera is a leading independent public affairs advisory firm which advises a wide range of leading multi-national corporations, providing counsel on all aspects of public policy, public affairs and reputation management. Aretera works to the highest international standards of transparency and compliance, partnering with global and local client teams, lawyers and global agencies, to serve their clients’ needs.

  • META Advisory Group Estonia

    Meta Advisory Group's two founding partners both have strong government backgrounds, providing the company with an excellent public affairs profile. In addition, the agency is also a leading public relations firm, having been ranked the number one public relations firm in Estonia in 2015 by business daily Äripäev.

  • Global Pro Group Albania

    Global Pro Group is your “One-Stop-Shop”, providing freight forwarding & 3PL outsourcing solutions, recruitment & talent acquisition services and back-office support solutions. We have offices in Tirana, Albania & in London, UK and we would love to be your trusted and reliable partner while you navigate a world filled with uncertainty and disruption. Whatever your transport, recruitment or back office & customer support needs, we will Get It Done for you!


For further questions regarding our industry expertise, please contact our team in Berlin.